Architecture exists in a four dimensional world.  It is a sculpture one moves around, in and through.  It plays with light and views, textures and colors, shapes and volumes.  It shapes our built environment by influencing how we live, work and play. It’s aesthetically pleasing and spiritually nurturing.


Buildings exist for habitation. They are collections of systems, all of which must work in harmony.  The key to construction efficiency lies in the integration of these systems in a clear, concise and strategic plan. In simplicity, there is beauty. 

Urban Infill

Blending new infill with existing buildings of varying time frames presents challenges.  Subtlety is our preferred motif.  Interpreting existing patterns and details in new ways can help blend the infill project into the rhythm of the existing streetscape, creating one harmonious experience.

Mixed Use

Mixed use is the heartbeat of the urban environment. Pairing specific commercial uses with building tenancy types leads to a rich, walkable environment and happy residents. But it is larger than just the commercial use, it is the experiential. Outdoor cafés, pocket parks and transitions between the buildings create a sense of community and dynamic synergy when combined holistically.

Historic Preservation

Historic preservation is a core area of our expertise. We leverage our skill in adaptive reuse, keeping the historic fabric of a property intact while finding refreshing new uses that accentuate the energy of the property. It all comes back to concept, striving to retain a structure’s character without sacrificing comfort or utility.