Historic Preservation

Five distinctive apartments in one of Charlottesville’s trendiest neighborhoods

Built in 1895 by S. A. Eddins, the Belmont Farm House is the second oldest home in Belmont. It was located on what was considered to be the elite street for successful business`men and merchants in the late 1800s and early 1900s. S.A. Eddins deeded the home to his children in 1897. The family later sold it to Samuel J. Robinson in 1906.

Samuel J. Robinson was considered one of the wealthiest and most influential residents of the Belmont Farm House. At one time, he owned nearly an entire block of land, including his residence and every lot behind his house to Monticello Road. This included the present day Belmont Market and Belmont Barber Shop on Hinton Avenue. Mr. Robinson and his sons operated a prosperous grocery store on Main Street.

Mr. Robinson passed away in 1942. His heirs sold the home in 1945. It went through several ownerships until the Thomas family purchased it in 1961 and divided it into apartments. 

Stinson purchased 829 Belmont in 2015 and began an extensive renovation. He poured through details surrounding the architecture, design and décor of the individual units to create a unique experience for visitors each time they visit. The house sits one block from the trendy downtown Belmont and some of Charlottesville’s most popular restaurants, including The Local, Tavola, Mas Tapas and La Taza. Visit the website for more information. 

Developer and Architect – S.R. Stinson