Commercial & Office

Historic Preservation

c. 1909

Stinson considers two crucial questions when looking at a new investment property:

  1. What is the building’s energy?
  2. What does the building want to be?

5793 Crozet Avenue has the spirit of an old town center where people gathered, stayed, and commerced. The two-story red brick building was known as the “Goodall Building,” named after its owner McChesney “Ches” Goodall. In 1909, the Crozet Drug Store opened on the first floor on the corner of “The Square.” Soon after, the Crozet Hardware Company opened in the space adjacent to the drug store. Both store fronts faced Main Street. In 1910, the Crozet Hotel opened on the second floor of the Goodall Building to welcome the growing stream of business travelers and tourists. A combination shoe repair, barbershop and print shop opened in the rear of the building.

In 1929, The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company opened up shop in the former hardware store space. Managed by Lyle A. “Jack” Wagner, the signature red storefront became the namesake for Red Front Market until it transitioned into the IGA Foodliner in 1967. He retired and closed the store in 1997.  

Dr. E.D. Davis Jr. purchased the drug store in 1930 and set up his office in the rear of the business. In the mid-1960s, Pharmacist Conway Stanley bought the business. “Meet you at the drug store” became a common theme around Crozet. High school students gathered after school for malts, milk shakes and ice cream. Shoppers enjoyed sandwiches and nickel Cokes. 

The Crozet Hotel was eventually converted into rental apartments. Today, after Stinson’s careful restoration, the building is home to Mudhouse Coffee and private offices on the second floor. It continues to be an integral part of The Square that makes up the heart of downtown Crozet and a place where community members meet to converse and commerce. 

Developer and Architect – S.R. Stinson